The Range Rules

Range Rules (click for a downloadable pdf file)


  • No individual may close any of the ranges without prior approval of the Club Director’s.

  • NO alcoholic beverages are allowed on any of the ranges.

  • All guest(s) must be accompanied by a member, loaning your Caledonia Forest & Stream Club key is prohibited.

  • All members and guests must comply with all range rules. You are responsible for your guests.

  • Children must be in direct supervision by a parent at all times.

  • Failure to abide by the club’s rules may result in a reprimand, removal and/or member termination.

Shooting Range Rules: Applies to ALL Ranges

  • ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

  • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

  • Use of Tannerite or other exploding targets are NOT allowed.

  • Eye and ear protection is required.

  • All loading/unloading is done from the shooting benches with the firearms pointed safely down range.

  • All firearms must be holstered or unloaded and placed on bench prior to anyone going down range. Firearms are NOT to be handled while anyone is down range.

  • All firearms not on the firing line must be holstered or unloaded with the action open.

  • Armor piercing and incendiary ammunition is prohibited.

  • Cross firing of targets is prohibited.

  • DO NOT use metal or glass or other debris as targets. Steel targets that are designed to be used as such may be used.

  • DO NOT shoot at targets directly on the ground or above eye level, except at trap field.

  • Return target frames to storage racks at the shooting benches.

  • Pick up brass and trash and deposit in trash cans.

  • Full automatic Firearm can only be used by persons with the proper Federal Licensing.

  • Heavy caliber firearms, such as the .338 Lapua Magnum and the .50 caliber can only be discharged on the 200 yard range. Extra special care to prevent any possible ricochets must be taken.


  • DO NOT use broad heads on 3D targets.

  • Archery Range is for bow (compound or traditional) and crossbows ONLY.

50 Yard Range: 

  • Firearms shall be limited to rimfire handguns and rifles, centerfire handguns, short-range tactical weapons and shotguns.

100 Yard Range: 

  • No pistols, except pistols designed for long range shooting.

200 Yard Range:

  • No pistols, except pistols designed for long range shooting.

  • DO NOT shoot at targets closer than 100 yards from benches.


  • ONLY shot guns are to be used on the trap field, NO rifles or handguns.

  • Use target load ammunition ONLY. NO magnum loads, buckshot or slugs.

  • Use the 100 yard or 50 yard ranges to pattern or sighting in your shotgun.


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