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Membership is allowed for anyone interested in conservation and shooting sports. We have different memberships available:

Individual and Family memberships are valid per calendar year, January 1st to December 31st.
Cost of 2020 Annual Membership is as follows:

 Individual Membership:   $50

 Family Membership:        $75 (New Price for 2020)

 Life Membeship:             $500

 A $5 deposit is required for each gate access card issued.

 The deposit is waived for re-actived & returned gate access cards.

 Types of Annual Membership Description:

Individual Membership: The membership will consist of a single membership for the calendar year. Benefits will include one of the following, membership button, club decal and membership card and gate card.

Family Membership: The membership will consist of a membership for the primary member and the spouse, domestic partner, or significant other living within the same household. The membership will also provide use of the facility by minor children under the age of 18. Benefits will include a club newsletter, membership buttons, club decal and membership cards and keys for both adults.

Memberships can obtained by printing and mailing the 2021 Membership Application or may be purchase at one of the following businesses.

St. Michael's Defense - 132 Factory Street, St.Johnsbury, VT 05819     Telephone: (802) 424-1718

Lead & Tackle - 31 Middle Street, Lyndonville, VT     Telephone: (802) 427-3328

CCR Sports - 490 Portland Street, St. Johnsbury, VT     Telephone: (802) 424-1800

Rick's Gun Shop - 77 Brook Rd, East Burke, VT     Telephone: (802) 626-1014

The Gun Shop, LLC - 1047 Vermont Route 114, East Haven, VT     Telephone: (802) 535-5606

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I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of my country, it's soils and minerals, it's forests, waters, and wildlife.

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